The product of Cloudbond is unique in the market for enterprises that require reliable, secure and private connections between company offices, data centers and AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud platform for data communications and synchronization. It offers dynamic bandwidth, flexible billing and fast provision, which fits the enterprises nowadays business model.

  • Pre-access Multi-point networking Price transparency Self-service
  • Effective immediately Elastic bandwidth QoS guarantee


Bandwidth Flexibility

Bandwidth ranging from 2M, 10M, 20M ,50M, 100M, 200M, 500M,1G and 10G. customers can adjust flexibility by themselves.

Flexible charging

Support monthly fee, daily fee two modes. Bandwidth adjustment charges are accurate to the daily fee.

SDN automation controlled

Intelligent Network of SDN, more convenient and more efficient.


  • Coverage
    Chinaunicom network covering 31 provinces and more than 350 metropolitan cities throughout China, which enable connection to AWS region.
  • Flexibility
    Supporting various connection service, bandwidth and Connection Solution.
  • Reliable
    Reliable, secure, point-to-point bandwidth dedicated Connection.
  • Intelligent network
    SDN controller full control, more efficient
  • Network redundancy
    Network dual link connection, safe and reliable


Scenario 1

Premises to China AWS

Connect apps and content hosted on AWS China to Customer LOB systems hosted on premises
Scenario 2

Overseas AWS to China AWS

Business data synchronization across AWS regions, e.g. China and other regions

Scenario 3

Premises to Overseas AWS

Connect apps and content hosted on AWS Overseas to customer LOB systems hosted on premises